Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sorting recyclables and collection by Alam Flora

Different colours of bins represent different recyclables. The blue recycle bins are used for paper wastes while the red ones are for bottles and plastic wastes. These bins are labelled according to their respective categories and are distributed throughout the school compound. This step is vital to encourage recycling among the students and to ease the Smart Ranger committee to sort the recyclables out.

Recycling bins in the staff room. Even the teachers join in! :D

On every Thursday, the Smart Ranger committee and the students in groups or associations who are involved in the Smart Ranger competition collect recyclables all over the school and send them to the small building beside the canteen where further sorting process is carried out. The recyclabes are weighed and recorded according to the groups or associations to determine the winner of the bi-monthly competition.

Then it's up to the Smart Ranger committee to further sort the recyclables according to their respective categories and separate the non-recyclables. The paper is sorted according to its type such as white paper, mixed paper, newspaper etc., residues in aluminium cans and plastic bottles are emptied and then crushed, and the cardboards and beverage cartons (Tetrapak) are sorted using the "flip, flap, flat" technique. While the non-recyclabes are either have to be thrown out or reused like the plastic binding combs.

These techniques or art of recycling were taught by the Smart Ranger trainers during the workshop on 17th June at the MBPJ Library and with the guidance of our beloved teachers Pn Hasnida and Pn Faiza, the recyclabes are sorted out and stored for the authorities of Alam Flora to collect. Although it's quite a lot of work, strong determination and moral support from the teachers kept us going. And perhaps due to the free beverages, too :P All in all, it was a great experience to all of us in sharing our part in protecting the environment.

Some pictures above are adapted from the SMART Ranger website :)